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Michal’s Hope is a not-for-profit, tax exempt  organization whose activities are governed by a volunteer board of trustees.  All programs and services are made possible through contributions from the public.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To serve individuals in various stages of renal failure and their families by providing assistance for caregivers, and access to resources throughout the dialysis and transplantation process.

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Our Vision

We want to provide the highest quality of support to individuals in various stages of renal failure and their families by providing access to educational resources, food and shelter during the transplantation process, and financial support throughout the dialysis process. 

"High quality support and resources for individuals with renal failure and their families

Meet the Founder & CEO

Charlyce believes her mission in life is to not only uplift audiences’ spirits through her music but to encourage everyone within the sound of her extraordinary voice to live a whole, healthy and fulfilling life. Her passion for others’ wellbeing is fueled by a lifetime of serious health challenges she has faced with perseverance and faith.


At age 19, Charlyce underwent a life-saving kidney transplant, an experience that strengthened her devotion to Christianity and inspired her to share her story and encourage people to give the ultimate gifts of life —organ donations.


10 years later, Charlyce’s health took a sudden turn for the worse when she suffered a stroke while driving. Miraculously, she didn’t lose control of her car and was able to drive to a hospital. Paralyzed on the left side of her body, Charlyce faced a tough, and uncertain road ahead. But through sheer determination and an unwavering faith in Christ, Charlyce eventually recovered. This was a defining moment for her: She must live her life with purpose and passion.


And she is currently doing that through her singing and motivational speaking while undergoing dialysis 3 days a week after the donated kidney that had sustained her for 20 years failed. As Charlyce waits for a new donor kidney, she stays focused on sharing her music and life’s story in the hope of inspiring people to take care of their health and the health of others.

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